Student council embarked on a journey to state

Hayley Gorman, Editor-in-Chief

Selective student council members went to the Arizona Association of Student Council State Convention from Feb. 5 to 7 at Apache Junction High School.

On Thurs., Feb. 5, student council departed to attend the state convention. It was a leadership convention to meet other student councils and learn from each other. There was a keynote speaker, small group sharing, and team building activities.

“On the first night there was a ‘carnival’ at the host school. The carnival had inflatables, zip lines, games, food, and photo booths,” Student Body Vice President Hadley Griffin said.

This year, McClintock student council was able to take 13 members because Griffin is a state officer. The students who went to state were: Otis Clyne, Sandra Cornejo, Hadley Griffin, Zaria Guignard, Noah Huerta, Hallie Jenkins, Braden Kartchner, Madison Reddie, Savannah Reitzel, Kira Thomas, Abbey Thornhill, Amie Troutt, and Macy Zimnick.

“I was excited to go to state because I had never been before and I also heard that it is one of the best experiences ever,” Huerta said. “I met fellow student council members and participated in various activities.”

This year’s theme for the state convention is “Legends never die.” Every student council dresses up to go along with the theme.

“The first dress up day was  ‘Legends We Adore,’ so we decided to buy these super cool American Flag boxer robes and dress up as Rocky Balboa,” Griffin said. “The second day was ‘Legends of Lore’ so we had one person dress as Santa, and have everyone else dress as elves.”

On the second night of state, there was a dance for all the student councils at the convention.

“The second night there is a crazy dance. Picture the most outgoing people at McClintock, and then imagine hundreds of them in one room with an awesome DJ, colorful lighting, and sweet dance moves. It’s definitely a good time,” Griffin said.

This convention helped the students learn about leadership.

“The students learn and bring back the confidence and knowledge to be a better leader.  They also bring back ideas to enhance spirit and pride in our school,” Student council advisor Kriket Tomasi said. “In addition, they gain relationships with students from across the state that can last a lifetime.”

At the convention, there are three AASC presidents who are elected. Last year, Griffin was elected as one of the presidents.

“My favorite memory at state was my junior year when I was elected State President. I still vividly remember standing on stage when the winners were announced with the other two state presidents who, in only the course of one year, have become my best friends,” Griffin said.