Speech and debate caps season with Harvard trip

Hayley Gorman, Editor-in-Chief

Speech and Debate is traveling to Cambridge, MA to attend the competition at Harvard University on Feb. 13-17 accompanied by drama teacher Tim Cornwell.

“The tournament is a national tournament where people across the United States can come and  participate in the events that we have been practicing all year,” senior Francesca Callicotte said. “We are dropped off in Harvard Square and we go off to our rounds, which are our preliminary rounds to start off the tournament.”

Speech and Debate has practice on Monday and Wednesday each week.

“I have been preparing for Harvard since last year,” senior Reed Orchinik said. “Policy preparation happens throughout the year, mostly with writing arguments and researching, then getting everything done for the year. Then you have to prep out specific teams.”

Some of the participants this year attended the Harvard tournament last year, as well.

“I’m excited to go back because it is an absolutely, beautiful campus and it is a fun experience to be with people in a climate that we don’t usually get to hang out in much,” Orchinik said. “We get to be pretty independent and we bond as a team. The competition is so much better then you get anywhere else.”

For some students this is there first time participating in the Speech and Debate tournament at Harvard.

“I am looking forward to being in Boston for the first time in my life. I mean this is the first time I have even ventured outside of Arizona,” Callicotte said. “I’m excited to meet new people, drink the best fountain water possible, listen to a Bostonian accent, and seeing snow for the first time. Most importantly, I’m looking forward to making some new memories with my friends for the last year I am here.”