NSHS fundraises for Books for a Better World

Hayley Gorman, Editor-in-Chief

National Spanish Honor Society will be raising money for Books for a Better World, which is a non-profit organization that raises money and collects children’s books for small villages in South America and Central America.

Books for a Better World collects money to buy books for children who don’t have access to books in their respective countries.

Books for a Better World is a big organization, and NSHS helps them  by collecting money in water bottles, which they cut holes in and decorate with fun designs.

“It goes to a great cause, and you know that you’re helping kids who wouldn’t otherwise have access to the things we take for granted,” co-president senior Theresa Lobato said.

NSHS had the opportunity to meet with the president of Books for a Better World, Alice Gartell, on Wed., Feb. 18. At the meeting, Gartell explained how she got involved with the organization.

“Gartell told us how she came to be involved in the organization after she saw firsthand the severe lack of books available to children in smaller villages in Central America while on a trip,” Lobato said.

Last year, NSHS collected $600. On Tues., Mar. 3, Lobato and advisor Laura Zinke went to Gartell’s house and helped prepare the books for shipping.

“My favorite part of the program is counting the money we raise and seeing how many books that translates into,” Lobato said. “It feels really good when we get the thank-you note they send back and we get to see pictures of the kids holding the books.”