Leadership to the MAX!

Hayley Gorman, Editor-in-Chief

On Tues. Aug 26, McClintock hosted the AASC Spirit Conference, where 31 schools from across to Arizona came to learn about leadership. This years theme was Leadership to the MAX.

McClintock’s Student Council has been planning the Spirit Conference since May. “We all came together as a group and planned our section of the conference by class,” Junior Class Boys Representative Miguel Pastor said.

Student Council officers had been assigned to a committee to help prepare for the Spirit Conference.

“I enjoyed the Spirit Conference so much, the hype and energy was literally through the roof. It was such a wonderful experience,” Pastor said.

Once the schools arrived at McClintock, they were welcomed with an Opening Ceremony featuring the McClintock’s Chanticleers, Spiritline, McClintock Dance, and Mayor Mark Mitchell.

“My favorite part was definitely dancing with strangers and just the overall energy. I also enjoyed being on stage with my team [Spiritline] and performing,” Junior Class President Sandra Cornejo said.

After the Opening Ceremony, the students were broken up into two groups where one group listened to the key note speaker Scott Backovich and the other group went and listened to M3 Rock n’ Talk, then they switched.

“It was a blast! The adrenaline was pumping on stage and backstage and everyone was extremely excited,” Correspondence Secretary Francesca Callicotte said. “It felt great to be a part of a group effort to create something that people will remember for years to come. Spirit Conference is the experience of a life time. With music, food, and friends, the spirit conference was something we shall never forget.”