Gilmore Girls offers great respite from real world stresses

Hayley Gorman, Editor-in-Chief

During December, while I was stressing out about final exams, I decided to turn to my best friend, Netflix, and started watching a new TV show, Gilmore Girls. I had made it halfway through the pilot during the beginning of November and decided to give it another shot. And I’m so glad that I did.

Gilmore Girls is about a single mother, Lorelai Gilmore, and her daughter, Rory Gilmore. It begins when Rory gets accepted into Chilton, a private high school, and follows Rory through her graduation from college.

Here are some reasons why you should (binge) watch Gilmore Girls:

Independent, Amazing Women

First off, most of the characters are women. However, they are all super successful and fight for what they want. We see this with Lorelai, who left her parent’s house at 17 after having Rory, and ended up working all the way up the hierarchy of the Independence Inn to be the manager. Rory is also very driven to get into an Ivy League school and to follow her dream to be journalist. Gilmore Girls also shows that there are all different types of women. We see Lorelai as an independent woman who didn’t have to have a husband, but we see her mother Emily Gilmore, who had a career being a “wife” and being dedicated to her husband.

Lorelai and Rory’s relationship

I am in love with this mother and daughter duo. I have never seen a TV show that shows this kind of dynamic between a mother and daughter. Lorelai and Rory are best friends. They tell each other everything. However, Lorelai does take on the mother role, and fights to make sure Rory makes the right decision. In the later seasons, we do see Lorelai and Rory have a stand-off and not talk to one another, but throughout these episodes you truly see how much they miss each other. Lorelai puts Rory first, and you see this in the first episode where Lorelai gives up her Friday nights to have a weekly Friday Night Dinner with her parents, whom she doesn’t talk to, so they will finance Rory’s education.

Emily and Richard Gilmore

Emily and Richard Gilmore are Lorelai’s parents who she just talks to on holidays. However, when Lorelai asks them if they will pay for Rory’s education, they happily agree, under one condition: Friday Night Dinners. Personally, I thought Friday Night Dinners were always super entertaining from “Oy With the Poodles Already” to the countless fights. Viewers have a love/hate relationship with Emily and Richard Gilmore, just like Lorelai, which makes the writing of this show get an A+.

Romantic Relationships

What is a show without romantic relationships? Each and every one of  the relationships is very unique and very beautiful to watch. Lorelai has a few relationships along the way, but I think at the end of the series she ends up with who she is supposed to be with. And when she sings I Will Always Love You, your heartstrings will feel a tug. Rory has three relationships throughout the series run. She has her first love, Dean, who the viewers meet in episode one. Dean is main character for a few seasons then becomes recurring. Personally, I was never a fan of Dean, he always thought he was right and overall he wasn’t a good match for Rory. Jess Marino and Rory had the best chemistry, no doubt. He ends up not being the best boyfriend do to lack of communication but when he appears in season 4 and season 6, you will be screaming I need to see him more. Side note: Jess knew Rory wasn’t living up to potential and made her realize she needed to go back to school, +one point Jess. Finally, Rory’s college boyfriend Logan. Logan grew on me over the seasons. Even though I loved Rory and Jess, Logan did give Jess a run for his money. I don’t want to spoil the ending of the show, but I do have some thoughts on how the show ended with Rory.

Art References

I for one love all the references to literature, art, and plays. You can actually find a list of all the books that Rory read throughout the show, and it is over 300 books. Also, one of the craziest episodes is when they do a “Living Art” festival, very interesting.

Stars Hollow

The show takes place in Stars Hollow a fictional town in Connecticut. Stars Hollow is probably one of the most interesting places to live in with the most interesting people. Everyone who lives in town is so diverse and crazy. I love Babette and Miss Patty. How about Taylor and all of his town meetings? I never thought I would ever end up living in small town, but I would live in Stars Hollow. I would be a regular customer at Luke’s dinner.

Fantastic Characters

Lorelai: I have talked about Lorelai throughout this post, but honestly I would love to be her. She is super witty and hilarious, but also well respected throughout Stars Hollow.

Rory: I think Rory and I have a lot of the same characteristics, which is great because I can finally relate to a character. She is super smart, but that is not her only defining characteristic. 

Sookie and Michel: Sookie is Lorelai’s best friend. She is so hilarious and love her countless bantering with Michel. Michel is the sassiest person ever.

Lane Kim and Mrs. Kim: This mother-daughter duo is so great to watch. Mrs. Kim is very protective over Lane, but in the end she is so supportive and just wants the best for her daughter.

Hep Alien: This is Lane’s band, with Zach, Brian, and Gil. Hep Alien is so funny to watch, and when Gil auditions, it is the funniest scene.

Luke: I love Luke. His relationship with Lorelai grows over the season, and it is so beautiful to watch. Also, he is such a great father figure to Jess.

Paris: When you meet Paris you hate her, but then you fall in love with her. She sticks up for herself, and that is why I love her. 

Kirk: Kirk is probably one of my favorite characters. He is honestly the funniest, stupidest, and greatest characters on television. Anytime he appeared on the screen I knew I was going to laugh.

If that isn’t enough reasons to watch Gilmore Girls, then I don’t know what is. Gilmore Girls is available on Netflix streaming. I would highly recommend it, 10/10, a must watch.