Celebrate with Smiles of Christmas

Hayley Gorman, Editor-in-Chief

On Tues., Dec. 2, Student Council hosted the annual Smiles of Christmas. Student Council has hosted Smiles of Christmas for eight years.

Smiles of Christmas took place on the football field.  Frank Elementary School was the elementary school that Student Council hosted. The five other schools in our district, Desert Vista, Mountain Pointe, Corona del Sol, Marcos de Niza, and Tempe High School volunteered, as well.

“My favorite moment last year [Smiles of Christmas 2013] was when a little girl who wasn’t one of my kids came up to me and she hugged and kissed me,” Student Body Vice President Hadley Griffin said.

There were different games and sports for the children to play, miscellaneous crafts, and cookie decorating to keep the children busy.

“I really liked playing soccer with the kids and seeing their faces,” Griffin said.

Every year at Smiles of Christmas each of the children receives a gift to take home, and this year the children made ceramic Papa Smurfs.

“My favorite thing was seeing how happy the little kids were,” Student Body Responding Secretary Natasha Conway said.

Smiles of Christmas is a great volunteer opportunity for students.

“I think that in the Student Council we help ourselves sometimes but it’s good to give back to our community,” Student Body President Amie Troutt said.