I survived my first month of my sophomore year

I’m back in NYC! School is full swing. Homework is piling up. But I am so happy to be in NYC living my dream.

Here is my recap for the past few weeks:

I left AZ on Sunday, August 21. On Monday, August 22, my mom and I went to Fordham’s other campus in the Bronx. At the Rose Hill campus, I had job training. For the first three weeks of the school year, I was working as a Peer to Peer Sales Team Member for Aramark, where I sold meal plans. When I was on the subway coming back to Manhattan, I saw a subway performance. Also, I saw Hoda eating dinner at a restaurant close to my school. The next day mom and I went to Ruth Chris’s Steakhouse for lunch. Then later that night I moved into my dorm that is apartment style.

The next three days, I had training to be an orientation leader. It required me to listen to a lot of presentations about Fordham, but in the end, it was worth it. The first day of orientation was Sunday and in the morning my job was street move in. This meant I had to unload the student’s car. Let’s be honest, this was a struggle for me because I am not the strongest person. Later in the day, I got to meet my small group. Monday was our long day. We had to listen to a lot of speakers. We also had two small group sessions. Monday night was also excursions. My excursion was Shake Shack in Madison Square Park. My excursion was really fun, but also super stressful because I was in charge of 25 freshmen. Tuesday was the academic day of orientation. As a Gabelli student, I got to stay on campus. I had to set up lunch and I spoke at the¬†student panel. Overall, orientation was a lot of fun.

Classes began on Wednesday, August 31. I don’t have class on Wednesdays, but I had my Gabelli sophomore kickoff. At the kickoff, I got to meet my group members for my semester long project and we had a competition. My group WON! We won a $50 Pinkberry gift card. My group’s company is Chipotle. Also, right before the kickoff, my assistant dean asked if I wanted to be a Teaching Assistant for a Ground Floor section. Of course, I said yes! Later that day, I went to lunch with one of my friends. I went grocery shopping for the first time. Then I went to TA.

These past few weeks definitely have been challenging. I have a lot of school work. I am taking 7 courses: Financial Accounting, Integrated Project, Marketing Principles, Management, Info Systems, Statistics Decision Making, and Business Communications. Now I am living in an apartment style dorm so I am responsible for cooking all of my meals. I have actually really enjoyed cooking my meals.

Here are few photos of the different meals I have made:


Here are few pictures of dorm room

Goodbye August and September! Hello October!


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