Happy 18th Birthday, Danny

SCAN0105On July 9, 1998, my brother, Danny, was born. Today on July 9, 2016, he has turned 18. Eighteen marks adulthood. Now at 18 he can vote, lease an apartment or a house, sue someone, get married, and many more things. SCAN0104However, 18 to me is just a number. It doesn’t really change anything. You just become older (and hopefully wiser).

Happy Birthday, Danny. I can’t believe we keep getting
older. I can’t believe that I’m going to be 20 (in a month? four months? ;)) in December. I believe that every year gets better and better. And I hope you find that true.

In 60 days, it will be your first day of college. I hope you have the best time at SCAN0107DePaul and living in Chicago. I think you will love it there. You get to study business in one of the biggest cities in the U.S., you get to meet new people, you get to eat at Tufano’s, you get to go to Cubs games, and you get SCAN0108to go to Blackhawks games. I’m so excited for you to have the best time of your life. And I can’t wait to visit you.

Danny, you are the best. You are everything. I’m so glad that I have the opportunity to be by your side these past 18 years. You are the best brother. And an incredible person. You have accomplished so much in your life thus far. SCAN0110

This past year, Danny was the Student Body President, made state for golf, he was the baseball captain, honored as a Tempe Top Teen, made the playoffs for baseball, selected as All City for baseball, selected as All-section first team for pitching, and he was awarded Senior Athlete of the Year.

IMG_3928Thank you Danny for everything. From being my chauffeur, rapping to all of your music, watching Big Brother and One Tree Hill, our 34 (it should be 170) snapchat streak and being my best friend.

I’m so glad that I am here with you today to celebrate your birthday for the first time in four years. I can’t wait to be only 800 miles (Chicago to NYC) from you rather than 2,400 miles (Tempe to NYC). Happy Birthday! I love you! ❤



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