2nd semester of college- first 6 weeks

Wow! I’m already 6 weeks into my second semester of my freshman year.

I flew back to NYC on January 18th. Traveling by yourself can be very stressful. I was asked to check my carry-on suitcase. I was not pleased about checking my suitcase because that means I would have to go wait for it at baggage claim. I was running on a tight schedule and I didn’t want to miss my train. The NJ transit only had 3 trains per hour. They were at 5:05 pm, 5:15 pm, and 5:17 pm. As I got to the train station at 5:17 pm, I saw the train pull away and I was so upset that I was going to have to wait a whole hour for another train. But praise the lucky stars, because another train pulled up.


I’m taking 6 classes this semester. Monday and Wednesday I have Faith and Critical Reason. Monday and Thursday I have Math for Business: Calculus. Wednesday I have Integrated Project. Tuesday and Friday I have Composition II, Understanding Historical Change: U.S., and Statistics I.

On January 23, a huge snow storm hit the east coast. I believe NYC received about 2 feet of snow. My friends and I went to Lincoln Center and played in the snow. And later that night we went back outside and walked through the isolated streets. I really wish we had a snow day that Monday, but most of the snow had been cleared up.




The following weekend, my friends and I went to Times Square and walked around. We visited the Disney Store and the M&M store.

IMG_5366  IMG_5369

I watched the Super Bowl on my computer and I ate Ben & Jerry’s half baked ice cream.


On February 11, I received the Woolworth Award for receiving a 3.6 or above GPA in my first of college, which was super exciting.


Over the 3 day week, it was super cold in NYC. At one time, it was 0 degrees Fahrenheit. As you can guess, I really didn’t go outside.

On February 17, my uncle flew in from Chicago and we went to the Chicago Blackhawks vs. NY Rangers game. We ate at Ruth Chris’s Steakhouse. The game was at Madison Square Garden. The Blackhawks won 5-3. I actually got to see hat trick by Artemi Panarin, which was really cool because I wearing my Panarin jersey.



This past week it has been raining a lot. We had our Gabelli Lunar New Year party and I won a $10 AMC gift card. I went to a networking fair. I’ve been watching the new season of Survivor, which I recommend. This semester is flying by, and I can’t believe I’m going to be back in AZ in less than 3 weeks.



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