Out with the old, in with the new-2015 in review

365 days have passed since I wrote my last recap about 2014. It’s crazy to think how much time has passed, but also how fast it went by. My life has really changed in the past year.


New Year’s Eve I hung out my friend’s house and we watched the ball drop. It never occurred to me that in eight months I would begin my journey living in New York City. January 1st is my dad’s birthday so we celebrated my dad’s birthday by going to my uncle’s house and watching football. Then my cousins and I went to Mojo to get frozen yogurt. Also, in January, I finished Gilmore Girls, which is incredible! As I look through my photo album on my phone, I have a lot of videos of my family and friends playing Heads Up and I definitely recommend buying that app. My mom, brother, and I visited Chicago over MLK Jr. weekend. I love going to Chicago Blackhawks games at the United Center.


The first picture/video I have on my phone that is dated in February is a video of my AVID freshman wishing me a happy birthday. In 2014-2015, I TA’d for freshman AVID class and it was the most rewarding experiences I have ever had in my life. On February 3rd, it was the McClintock vs. Tempe rivalry basketball, and it would be the last rivalry game that I would attend as a student. My tradition for Tempe vs. McClintock games would be to go with my best friend who attended Tempe High. That night I took a picture of the scoreboard and I posted it on the Guidon twitter and it got so many retweets/favorites. I felt like a really journalist. On Valentine’s Day, I got to celebrate with two  and AVID. I love passing out Valentines because it makes me reminisce about my childhood. Coronation week also occurred in February. The dress up day that I was most proud of was on Twin Day. My friend and I dressed up Zak and Wheezie from Dragon Tales. For the actually dance, I went to Riazzi’s for dinner with my three friends-Francesca, Alice, and Julia-then we went to the dance. At the end of February, it was opening day for baseball, I love going to baseball games and cheering on my brother.


I just laughed as I looked at the photos from the beginning of March. One of the pictures is a picture of the maintenance workers at McClintock on the roof because Danny threw a paper airplane on the roof and it was my teacher’s prototype. The next photo is from AP Stats class when we were put in time out for a week and we couldn’t talk. In March, I got a likely letter from George Washington University in D.C., and it was amazing to get a likely letter from a great school. On March 24, 2015, I got into my dream school-Fordham University at Lincoln Center. I remember that I opened up my acceptance letter and I was in my AVID class. And I got up in the middle of class and went outside to the hallway to call my mom to tell her that I got in. Fun fact-it was spring week and the theme was New York City and that day I was wearing I ❤ NY, coincidence? I THINK NOT! March 26, my brother was elected STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT! I couldn’t be more proud of him. He is truly a great person.


At the beginning of April, it was my last pep rally as a Student Body Officer. I loved going to set up the night before the pep rally. Student Council was a huge part of my high school career and I’m so glad that I participated in it. In April, my mom and I decided to go and check out that colleges that I was accepted to. The first college we visited was Fordham University at Lincoln Center. That was my first time going to Fordham and it’s funny comparing my memories in April to my current memories. I knew after visiting Fordham, there was no other school that I would want to go to. Then my mom and I went to Washington, DC to visit George Washington University. I actually got to see the cherry blossoms. In April, I went on my first school trip. I went to the National High School Journalism Convention. I went with my journalism teacher and two of my editors. We went to the U.S. Mint and we got to play in the snow. At the convention, I went to a lot of lectures about journalism and social media. On April 23, I made my official decision to attend Fordham University at Lincoln Center as a Global Business major with a concentration in Digital Media & Technology. Prom was on April 25th. My friends and I took photos at Mesa Arts Center and we ate at the Landmark.


May was the beginning of the end of high school. May 5th was my last Student Council meeting. On May 7th, my last paper as the Editor-in-Chief of the McClintock Guidon came out. My senior goodbye was published, which is my most popular blog post of 2015. May 13th I went to the baseball banquet to support my brother. May 14th was the day I had to say goodbye my AVID freshmen. I can’t express how much I love my AVID freshmen. May 15th was officially my last day of high school. I showed my senior slideshow in journalism, as I watched my slideshow it was like saying goodbye to my childhood. After school, my friends and I went to Pita Jungle and watched Clueless at my friend’s house. May 21st I graduated from high school. I ate in In n Out after graduation with my parents and my brother’s friends then I went to grad night at Main Event. The next night was my graduation party. It was great to celebrate my graduation with my family and friends. On May 30th, my family travelled to Anaheim to go see the Chicago Blackhawks in Game 7 of the Western Conference Final and of course they won!


June was the beginning of summer. I spent a lot of time relaxing and reading my book for summer homework. I binged watched NBC’s Parenthood. Also, I watched the Chicago Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup. On June 15th, the Chicago Blackhawks won the STANLEY CUP! Woo-hoo! I hung out with my friends and we went to As You Wish.


In July, I went to San Diego with my friend and her family. We arrived on July 4th. We spent two days at SeaWorld. I actually sat in the front row of a roller coaster. One of my biggest fears! We went to the San Diego Zoo. We did some shopping at Seaport Village. I love going to San Diego! I love the weather. I love spending time with my best friend in another state. Also, I love playing Spite and Malice. On July 21st, I celebrated one of my friend’s birthday and afterwards I went to Sonic with my friends.


August was my last month in Arizona. It was time to say goodbye to everyone. I visited my friends at ASU twice. I visited my old high school to help with journalism and saw my AVID girls. On August 26th, I boarded my flight to New York City with my mom and dad. We dropped off our bags at the hotel then walked around Lincoln Center neighborhood. The next day my mom and I went to Bed Bath & Beyond to get everything that I would need for my dorm. August 28th-I officially moved into my dorm and started Urban Plunge. Can I just say that I have the best view ever? For Urban Plunge, I got to do rooftop gardening and I went to the Studio Museum in Harlem. Orientation started on August 30th, which was really boring. August 31st was the second day of orientation, but I got to go to an excursion to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory and the Brooklyn Promenade.


The first day of September was my Gabelli School of Business orientation. September 2nd was the first day of class. The second was a Wednesday so my only class that day was The Ground Floor, which was my business class. For class we had to go to the Rose Hill campus and listen to the author who wrote our summer reading book. The next day, my roommate and suite mates and I went to the Washington Square Park neighborhood. That weekend my new friend and I went exploring in New York City, we went to Magnolia Bakery and walked around Central Park. Then on Labor Day we went to the MET. On September 18, I went to the President’s Ball at Rose Hill. The following day was the Homecoming football game. September 23rd was the premiere of Survivor Cambodia. On September 28, I got to see my cousins and we went for Mexican food.


In October, my mom, brother, and my uncle visited my in NYC. I got to show my brother all the highlights of NYC. Then that Friday we went to a Chicago Blackhawks game at the Barclays Center, where the Chicago Blackhawks got there first win of the season. The following day my brother and I went to see Wicked. On October 27th, I won an award for Excellence in Feature Writing at Arizona Interscholastic Press Association 2015 Fall State Convention, link to my article. To cap off October, my friends and I went to the Halloween parade in the Village. I had a $3 boorito from Chipotle and we walked all the way back to Fordham, I walked 6.5 miles that day.


I got some exciting news in November, I was accepted to the Gabelli School of Business Dean’s Council! I got my new schedule for next semester. I’m taking American History, Calculus, Composition II, Theology, Statistics, and Integrated Project. My friends and I went down to the Washington Square Park neighborhood to get sliders and fries. I explored Central Park in the peak of fall. Let me just it was absolutely beautiful. I was asked to speak at an open house for the Gabelli School of Business. I went to the Museum of Modern Art. I love that I can just go to museums after class on Tuesday. For my business class, I had to write a report on different things down by Wall St. so I explored that neighborhood. I went to the Museum of American Finance. Only at the Museum of American Finance in the gold section would you find a copy of Kanye West’s Gold Digger record. November 24th, I left to go home for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, I was really sick and ended up having a bad cold, which turned into pink eye. Thanksgiving was very eventful and it was good to be back with family. On November 30th, I celebrated my roommate’s birthday and we went to Magnolia Bakery.


The last month of 2015-December. I was really sad that I couldn’t celebrate my mom’s birthday with her but I mailed her a card, and I know that was the best surprise ever. Christmas in New York City is a winter wonderland (minus the snow this year). I got to see the tree at Rockefeller Center and see the window displays down 5th Avenue. I presented my group’s business plan and we ended up doing really well, we got a 15/15 on the presentation. We were chosen to go to Ernst & Young. I got a care package from my mom, which was an amazing surprise. December 16th was the Survivor finale. If you can’t tell, I’m a huge Survivor fan. This season was absolutely amazing. The rest of time at school was spent studying for finals, of course I had a finale on the last day. I went home on December 22nd. Christmas was my 19th birthday. I’m so lucky that my birthday is on Christmas because I get to spend it with the best family ever. On December 30th, I hung out with my friends from high school. To cap off 2015, today I’m going to hang out with my cousins. 2015 is coming full circle because I hung out with them on January 1st.

This is a new year. A new beginning. And things will change

To everyone who took the time to read this, thank you. I love blogging and it means so much that people actually take the time to read my blog posts. For 2016, I’m going to try to blog fairly regularly with the prompts from WordPress’ The Daily Post topics. I wish all of you a Happy New Year. I hope 2016 brings you happiness.




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