I survived 3 months of college!

Can you believe that Hayley Gorman has survived 3 months of college so far? I honestly can’t believe it. I only have 21 more days left in this semester then I will be done with my first semester of college. Craziness.

I know you are all wondering what happened in November and I’m here to give you my recap!

Well on November 4th I was accepted to the Gabelli School of Business Dean’s Council! This is such a huge honor and I’m so glad that I was invited to take part in the Dean’s Council. Also, I was asked to speak at an open house. I have to say I’m a pretty good public speaker. I know by nature I do come off as a quiet, but when I need to do a presentation or talk in front of people, I always hit it out of the park. I’m always proud of myself when I step outside of my comfort zone. Also, I was just like to note that I love the Gabelli School of Business. I’m so glad that I’m going to school here.

I got my new schedule for next semester. I’m taking American History, Calculus, Composition II, Theology, Statistics, and Integrated Project.

Fall hit NYC. Can I just take a moment say that Central Park is absolutely beautiful, especially during fall. I love all the colors.

I went to the Museum of Modern Art. I love that I can just go to museums after class on Tuesday. A wonderful perk of living in NYC.

I also had the opportunity to go to Lower Manhattan and wander around Wall St. For my business class, I got to go the Museum of American Finance, which was actually fun. There is so much history in NYC and I love that I had opportunity to indulge in it over the next four years.

Last week, I got to go home for Thanksgiving break. I flew in late on Tuesday night and I got to eat In n Out burger. So amazing. haha. On Wednesday, I had a dentist appointment and I got to hang out with some of my friends from high school. We saw Mockingjay Part 2 and I got to eat a Paradise Bakery. I always say that when I go to Tempe Marketplace that I always run into people, but on Wednesday, I ran into one of my best friends from journalism in high school and I’m so lucky that I got to see her. Thursday was Thanksgiving and I got to see the Gorman clan. First off, I have the best family. I love my extended family. I die from laughter and they are the best people in the entire world. The rest of the trip I was pretty sick. I’m still pretty sick. 😦

As usual, I would like to say that I love SURVIVOR. If you aren’t watching Survivor, you are doing something wrong. It is literally the best show ever. This is the best season ever. And I really recommend watching it.

I’m so excited that it’s December, which means that Christmas/my birthday are coming up. I’m also excited to spend a month at home. I do love the city but it will be nice to be back home, eating food that I don’t get to have in NYC (#mexicanfood), and watching college football bowl games.

Side note: Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for what you have. The holiday season is all about love and appreciation. I just want to say that if you do read my blog posts, I really do appreciate it. ❤


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