Survived 37 days of college so far

Hi! It’s me Hayley. And guess what? I survived my first month of college. And my first month living in New York City. And the fist time living on my own without my family. My first time being super independent. Woo-hoo!

New York City is amazing. And I love living in the city. I love the idea of being able to walk anywhere. My view from my room is sooooo amazing. The only downside of living on the 21st floor? When you are in a crowded elevator and you have stop on every single floor. Also, the weather is changing and it’s getting cold. 😦

I guess the big question is how’s college? It’s busy! Busy! College requires a lot of time management. The three “S’s” of college are studying, socializing, and sleeping. I would saying balancing all three of those is very difficult, but I’m managing.

Classes are pretty good. There not exactly “hard” but rather a lot of work. My math class is super easy. But when you are class is super easy, it’s also very boring. I got a 100% on my first test of college! Yay me! I got a 100% on my first report. I’m really proud of myself. Hard work pays off. I’m adjusting to the work load but there nothing that I can’t handle.

What I have learned about myself since going to college? I’ve learned that I love peanut butter. I eat so much peanut butter, I think I have a problem. Everyone in NYC smokes cigarettes so they have become my pet peeve and I’m pretty sure I’m going to get lung cancer from second-hand smoke. GROSS! Also, I love slippers.

Do I have any (funny) stories? I feel like I have a lot more than this but I will go with these. So when you first meet people they always ask where you’re from and I obviously respond that I’m from Arizona, but so many people don’t know where Arizona is. I’m always shocked. Last week on Friday night, my roommate and suite mate were in the elevator going to the underground tunnels to go penny boarding and this huge group people get on and they are obviously going out to a bar/club and you could already tell they had been drinking. And this guy introduced himself and asked what I was doing. I explained what were doing and he’s like “omg that’s totally cool. Why don’t you videotape it then when we meet again you can show me?” I have seen this guy twice and obviously he doesn’t remember me. haha. Ooh this Friday I was in the elevator and all these construction guys got on and then the elevator breaks and the door starts to close but then opens again. And we can’t go up. Good thing there was another elevator on the other side of the building.

So what have you done since you’ve been in NYC? A LOT! I moved in on Aug. 28 and that day I started Urban Plunge. Urban Plunge is volunteer program for freshman and it gives them an opportunity to learn about the neighborhood that we will be living in for the next four years. My service project was to rooftop gardening in Hell’s Kitchen and then I got to go to the Studio Museum in Harlem. On Aug. 30, Orientation began. I got to go to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory and the Brooklyn Promenade.

On Sept. 2, classes started. My first class was my business class, The Ground Floor. For my class that day I had to go Fordham’s Rose Hill campus to listen to author who wrote the book I had to read over the summer. That weekend I explored Central Park and I went to the MET. On Sept. 18, it was the President’s Ball at Rose Hill, which was essentially a homecoming dance. Then on Sept. 19 it was the Homecoming football game. Fordham beat Columbia! Woo-hoo! I haven’t really done anything that exciting since then besides doing homework and studying.

Check out my gallery of pictures:


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