Social Media is changing our generation

We live in the social media generation. Social media is changing the world. I lived my teenage years on a cell phone. Scratch that out. A smart phone. I wasn’t a kid in 2004 saying how cool my cell phone is because it has a camera. Our world is evolving.

It is constantly said that kids are just looking into screens. There are definitely pros and cons to screen time. I couldn’t believe Homecoming night, when I went to dinner with my friends that an adjacent table had three iPads/tablets for each child as they watched a video. However, social media can be a platform, which is in my opinion unbelievable. I’m so enticed by social media.

As a former journalist the way to spread news is through social media. We find new stories by what’s trending with a hashtag. I was the Editor-in-Chief of my high school journalism print and online newspaper and last year I started using social media to state what was going on at McClintock High School. I’m proud of what became of it. We would received 1,300+ views on a photo album and we ended up getting over 200 followers on Instagram and Twitter in about seven months.

Social media is changing the way we communicate and the way we are perceived, both positively and negatively. Every time you post a photo, or update your status, you are contributing to your own digital footprint and personal brand,” Amy Jo Martin said. 

Social media is changing our social and personal lives. Personally, I feel like social media introduces you to so many people and it is way easier to judge people just by seeing what they tweet or what photos they post. I also haven’t come to grasp the idea of never having a real conversation with people but mutually following each other. I know I would pass people in the hallways and in my head think I like most of your photos on Instagram but I never talked to you before. And I think it’s just as awkward when people don’t follow you back.

As social media grows the more and more people are posting. Anytime you open Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter you are greeted by a selfie. Some people have the thought that posting countless number of selfies makes you conceded. But on the other hand while sometimes I get bored/irritated with seeing someone post 100 to 1000 of photos, I think it also shows how confident they are. Don’t get me wrong I think that some people just want attention. I’m so impressed that people are able to embrace themselves and have the mind set that they are beautiful. I don’t think the number of likes on Instagram or how many favorites/retweet measures how beautiful you are. Everyone is beautiful.

That being said-I have written a couple of blog posts about the idea of beauty and the results generate the same response: people don’t find themselves beautiful. I know when I go Twitter I see people saying “I wish I was pretty” or “I wish I looked like [insert name here]” and I think it’s sad. I believe that people are becoming more insecure because we are bombarded with pictures of celebrities and even people we know receiving comments on how beautiful they are and others don’t.

“The more social media we have, the more we think we’re connecting, yet we are really disconnecting from each other.”

Social media is also changing the way we communicate with others. Everyday on Twitter you see someone tweet about “sliding into the DMs” or “snapchat me”. I’ve only grown up with this being the norm or seeing people text 24/7 and to me it’s weird. I don’t think texting 24/7 makes your anti-social because most people are able to have a real life conversation. But it’s weird for me to think there was a time when people weren’t able to communicate at all times during the day. I remember watching The Brady Bunch and watching the six kids try to share one phone. The question that comes to my mind is “Texting/messaging someone hurting or helping relationships?”

I’m a recent high school graduate and I’m getting ready to go off to college. At my grad party, I was talking to one of my friends and I was like do I unfollow people from high school. Next fall, will I care what people I never talked to-are doing? The flip side I have friends who don’t use social media and when we were in high school I saw them 5 days a week so I knew what they were up to. But now when I’m living across the country I’m not going to know what they are doing. It’s sort of funny because people I’m interested in seeing what they are up to are not on social media. Social media allows us to connect with anyone we really want to. I joined my college’s Facebook group and people use Facebook groups to find their future roommate. It is crazy how people can post a short bio on themselves and people find them interesting enough to message them and they become roommates.

Social media isn’t going anywhere, it is here to stay. And as high schoolers move into adulthood I do believe they need to be cautious of what they post on social media. If you have a public profile, people are going to find you and you don’t want to give off a bad reputation. I try to keep my Twitter profile as clean as possible. I want to stay pretty professional and I don’t want anything to be misconstrued. I think before I tweet.

“We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it.”― Erik Qualman


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