Goodbye to my AVID freshmen

I remember exactly a year ago today I was called into my counselor’s office because I had schedule conflicts. I had an open 7th hour and I had no idea what class I should take. There were no academic classes offered so I would have to take an elective or be a TA. After encouragement from my journalism teacher, I signed up to be a TA for AVID.

I remember my first day my senior year when I walked in 304. I actually wasn’t on the roster. I saw all these freshman and I thought to myself ‘what did I get my self into?’ I remember thinking about dropping this class because I didn’t need it to graduate. But who would have thought after nine months, I would love these freshmen more than words can express.

Each one of them have taught me so much. I loved that I had an opportunity to give back and spread my knowledge with all these wonderful ninth graders whether it was Algebra or just advice about life. I have become so close to all them and they have never failed to put a smile on my face.

Even though I was the upperclassmen or “the boss” 😉 that didn’t mean they didn’t believe in me, too. I wrote detailed notes to each of them for Christmas and Valentine’s Day to show them that I know they have unlimited possibilities to succeed. They were so supportive of me when I was nominated for Homecoming and when my brother ran for Student Body President-they told all of their friends to vote for us. We became a family.

7th hour was the highlight of my day. Ms. Winkle was always making jokes, everybody was making fun of each other, and even some days I was crying. I’ll never forget making fun of Gabriel for getting hit in the head at the Opening Day baseball game or when I got hit in the head during kickball.

Today I left with a gift card and beach towel from the best teacher ever. But I also left with so many memories. I’m going to miss seeing these freshmen grow up but I can’t wait to see what they accomplish.

It is always so hard to say goodbye. I can’t believe today I had to say goodbye to 17 amazing individuals. I love you all so much! ❤



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