75% done with this school year

I honestly can’t believe that I am three-fourths done with this school year. I feel like it was August just a few months ago. My senior is wrapping up and I can’t believe it. 3rd quarter was amazing. It flew bye.

So let’s recap the last few months.






I wore this sweater and my math teacher said I looked like a snow queen. IMG_0965.JPG

Over MLK JR weekend, my brother, my mom, and I went to Chicago. Our vacation was filled with yummy food and blackhawk games. GO HAWKS!IMG_1009.JPG


Here’s a cute selfie of me.




My school’s basketball team beat Tempe High. I went to the game with my bestie from Tempe and it was so much fun. I love sporting events. IMG_1171.JPG

DePaul University admitted me into their Honors Program. Yay!


Who doesn’t love dragon tales? #twindayIMG_1367.JPG

Our 3rd issue came out in February. We went 12 pages which is a big accomplishment considering we usually do 8 pages. My staff worked incredibly hard and I loved our paper. IMG_1290.JPG

Happy Valentine’s Day!IMG_1295.JPG

Coronation! That night was so much fun. I love my friends.



Also, I was accepted to Temple University!

I can’t believe 3rd quarter is over, but I know fourth quarter will be amazing. I’m so looking forward to:

Spring Week: Our spirit days are NYC themed and how can you not love NYC! Also, Prom Fashion Show and Mock Rock, super exciting.

Pep Rally: My last pep rally is coming up and I think it’s so sad. I have loved being a student body officer and I can’t believe it’s our last pep rally. But I know we will go out with a bang!

Denver: I keep forgetting I’m going to Denver. But yay Denver. Some of my editors and I are going to Denver for a journalism convention and I’m so excited.

Prom: OMG! I got the most perfectest prom dress ever. Like it’s literally perfection. I’m excited to make memories and hang out with my friends. Hopefully, it’s better than last year. (Last year was awful because all of my friends had dates and I didn’t). I know I will have fun because you don’t need a date to have fun.

Senior Party, Graduation, Grad Night will solidify that high school is over.

I’m still waiting to see what schools accept me and where I will go for college. Hopefully, I get what am I looking for and I chose the right college. *crosses fingers*


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