The experience of applying to college

During a high school student’s senior year, they are bombarded with questions about what they plan on doing on next year. College is a transition from a teenager to an adult. It is time for young adults to experience what it is like to independent.

The college process doesn’t start at your senior year; it starts at the beginning of your freshman year. During your freshman year, students need to maintain good grades. There is huge difference between 3.8 GPA compare to 4.0 GPA. Also, take advantage of weighted classes because it does set you a part.

Throughout your high school career it is important to participate in extracurricular activities. I participated in Student Council for four years, National Spanish Honor Society for three years, Link Crew for two years, National Honor Society for two years, and Journalism for two years.

When I look back at all my extracurricular activities, I felt like I had plethora of extracurricular activities. Though when I look at websites like College Confidential it makes me think that I didn’t do all that I could have done. But then I think that I had a club meeting every single day during lunch, so when else am I suppose to dedicate my time?

Ever since I was little, I have been doing community service. Community service is a requirement for the gifted academy that I go to. I started doing community service at Escalante Community Center when I was freshman and I have done it every year since. When I was sophomore I was nominated for the City of Tempe Volunteer of the Year. Also, I have done community service through National Honor Society.

I think the biggest advice I can give to high school students is to make your summer count. It’s important to build up your resume. Over the summer between my junior year and senior year I participated in three programs. The programs are a lot more than words on my resume, it was my transition from childhood to adult. I learned how to be independent. I wasn’t relying on my parents. I had to make my own decisions. I grew up.

My least favorite part of the college process was standardized testing. From the PSAT to the SAT to the ACT, I hated them all. I wasn’t happy with the performances on any of the tests. I performed above average but my scores were superior. I would sit in class next to people who would complain about a 2200 on the SAT. I would feel bad about myself because my score wasn’t anywhere close to that number and I would kill to have that score. If I don’t get into certain schools, I know it will because of my lower test scores.

In 2014, it was finally my time to start applying to schools. Let me just tell you, it takes forever and it is so time consuming. The best feeling though, is when you are holding an acceptance letter or a scholarship offer. It makes you feel that all of your hard work was worth it. If school doesn’t accept, it probably wasn’t the right match for you anyways. The right college will find you and you will make the right decision where to go to school.




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