1/4 of Senior Year is done

I am 1/4 done with senior year. Eek. Isn’t that a scary thought? I think it’s pretty bittersweet. So far, senior year has been fabulous, yet there have been the bad moments, obviously.

I feel like I did everything that I could this quarter. I ended the quarter with straight A’s. I feel like I exceeded all of my expectations. I’m very proud of myself.

This year I became Editor-in-Chief of my school’s newspaper, which is a big responsibility. On Sept. 30, we packaged up our newspaper, and we received them on Oct. 1. Honestly, I think it came out amazing for a first issue, because I definitely know we can improve it. I know what I need to do be a better Editor-in-Chief. Let me just say, being Editor-in-Chief is very stressful, and can be very emotional. #alreadyhadmyfirstbreakdown

Also, I got the most amazing honor of being nominated for homecoming. This to me is such an unique opportunity and win or lose I just feel so special to be nominated by my peers. I know who I can count on in the long run. I’m looking forward to all of the homecoming festivities. I can’t wait to walk at the pep rally, walk on the football field, and I’m looking forward to the dance somewhat. I wish my friends wanted to go and there wasn’t so much drama. I hate that I’m so dependent on people, but whatever.

Overall, I think quarter one was a success. I think in the end in ended on a good note, thanks to 7th hour. ❤


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