Economics for Leaders Day 1,2, & 3

On Sun. July 20, I started my journey for Economics for Leaders at the University of Chicago. Essentially this program is about Economics and leadership. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect. As of now it is Tues. July 22, it hasn’t been too bad.

Sunday was filled with ice breakers. I hate the awkwardness of not knowing anybody and trying to make friends, but you have nothing to talk about. I’m just horrible at making friends. However, I know that’s my weakness, so hopefully in the future I can improve on. When I mean I’m bad at making friends, I mean that I’m not good at being at outgoing and just sharing my life story. Today we had to give a 3 sentence story about yourself and this was essentially mine

Hi my name is Hayley Gorman and I go to the Peggy Payne Academy, which is the gifted program in my district, which is at McClintock High School. I only take one class at McClintock, which is journalism, and I love journalism and I love to blog. Also, I’m in Student Council and I’m the Student Body Publicity Director, which means I essentially get the word out about all of our events.

I don’t want to share my story because I feel like I’m bragging. Then of course someone has to make the comment that they don’t do anything, so I feel bad for sharing about myself. This week I haven’t really been so open because I am such a listener and I learn about people by observing and listening to their comments. At the University of Chicago there is a “gifted summer program” and people are like “Why would you want to go to school with gifted kids?” So of course I don’t want to say that I’m qualified gifted after hearing those remarks. But of course I’m proud of myself that I am gifted.

Monday was the first real day of this program. In the morning, we have breakfast. *Shocker* Then we have our Economic seminar for around three and half hours, but in the middle we have an activity. I received a air freshener for a car. I guess that would be cool if I drove, but I don’t so. Then we had lunch. Next we had our leadership section. We played this blindfolded survivor game then played a big game of rock paper scissor. Then we worked on individual leadership. Then we had rec. time. Myself and three other girls went to the bookstore and I bought a sweatshirt. Then it was time for dinner. I took a shower. Then we had another Economic lecture. To end the day, we had a leadership debrief. Then it was time for bed.

Tuesday was the second day of this program. I had breakfast, look at me being healthy. Then we had our Economic seminar. Our activity today was about selling computer chips. It made me so mad because I played this back at McClintock, but I did horrible at MHS and here. I guess I need to be more aggressive. Then we had lunch. Afterwards we had our leadership portion. We had to jump rope with 34 people but we failed. Then we did this swamp game but my group failed. But hey that’s okay. Then we had rec. time but I just took a shower. Then we had dinner. Next was time for leadership section. Today it was about behavioral studies. We did a cool personality test and I’m “Analytical” with a hint of expressive, which describes me perfectly. It was really fun seeing who has similar personality and just finding the people you click with.

So that’s it! Tomorrow we are going to Navy Pier, which will be fun to get out and about. I love Chicago. This campus is amazing. I hate waking up early though. Eww. 6:3o in Chicago, which means 4:30 in Arizona. But I hope this week is a great experience.


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