My thoughts on BB16

Big_Brother_16_(U.S.)_LogoMy summer obsession is the CBS reality TV show, Big Brother.

The concept of Big Brother is that certain amount of houseguest live in a house and compete for power. The most powerful position is the Head of Household (HOH) who puts up two people up for nominations. Then six people, the HOH, the two nominees, and three people selected by random draw, play for the Power of Veto (POV). POV allows someone to veto one of the HOH’s nominations, which forces for HOH to put up someone as a replacement nominee. Then the houseguest who are not nominated or the HOH, vote to evict one of the nominees.

Big Brother is a strategical game both mental and physical. The houseguest are cut off from the outside world for three months. They are followed by 75 cameras and the American public has the opportunity to watch them for 24/7. But in the end you have the opportunity to win $500,000.

tumblr_mhyswibmyM1qlhpqso4_250I’ve been watching Big Brother since season 8. Now it is season 16. I’ve realized that I would probably be considered a superfan. On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 would never have seen the show to 10 being Ian Terry, I would like to think I’m a 9 or 9.5.

I am loving BB16. This season is so much better than last season. For those who don’t know, BB15 was train wreck. The season was filled with racist and homophobic comments, which lead a lot of people to not like that season.

BB16 is different though. It such an upgrade. Sure their houseguest the American public doesn’t like. *cough cough Devin and Caleb cough cough* This season has been great so far.

BB16 twist has had 2 HsOHs. Having the Battle of the Block competition. Then also having Team America. It is the most twisted season, yet. tumblr_inline_n7yqgt7zst1si29r8

I love the BB16 houseguest. I think definitely America’s favorite is Donny Thompson. To be honest, I think Donny surprised us all. We had no idea what to expect from him. But golly miss molly, he is perfect. This 42 year old man from North Carolina, is such a sweetheart. He is so optimistic and caring towards others.

Also, Frankie Grande is on this season, who is the half-brother of Ariana Grande. I know Ariana Grande is, but I’ve never watched the TV shows she has been on and I haven’t listened to her music. But I’m really liking Frankie actually. And I’m loving Ariana Grande running his Twitter account and live tweeting.

So far their have been 3 evictions. Joey went home week 1 and Paola, or Pow Pow, went home week 2, Devin, went home week 3. This season has definitely been drama filled. Let me give you quick run down.

Week 1- Frankie is the first HOH and Caleb won the second HOH. Frankie nominated Brittany and Victoria. Caleb nominated tumblr_n7yposiIVa1szxx2uo1_250Donny and Pow Pow. Brittany and Victoria won the Battle of the Block competition, which overthrew Frankie as the HOH leaving Caleb in power. Donny won the POV by correctly spelling “splitters”. Caleb nominated Joey after she tried to start an all girls alliance. Joey was then evicted by 13-0 vote.

Week 2- Amber was the first HOH and Devin was the second HOH. Amber nominated Hayden and Nicole. Devin nominated Pow Pow and Brittany. Hayden and Nicole won the Battle of the Block competition, which overthrew Amber has the HOH. Devin won the POV. He vetoed his nomination and removed Brittany from the chopping block. He nominated Zach in his place. Pow Pow was then evicted by 10-2 vote.

Week 3- Nicole and Derrick won HOH. Nicole nominated Amber and Donny. Derrick nominated Jocasta and Caleb. Amber and Donny won the Battle of the Block competition, which overthrew Nicole as HOH. Donny won the POV. He vetoed Derrick’s nomination of Jocasta and Derrick re-nominated Devin. Devin was then evicted by 11-0 vote.

Let’s recap some of the drama:

Well during the first week the Bomb Squad was formed, which was an eight person alliance including Devin, Derrick, Caleb, Frankie, Zach, Cody, Christine, and Amber. However, everyone knew within time this alliance would fail just because of how many people were in the alliance. So the Bomb Squad essentially blew up in week 2. Devin decided to nominate his alliance member, Zach, which caused a huge shock the entire house. Zach decided to put everyone on blast, which was one of the most explosive POV meetings. With the help of Derrick, Zach was able to win over people and he was left in the house.

I’m definitely enjoying this season. Don’t get me wrong some people are saying this season is “boring” and I get it. But I would say other seasons went through a lull period too.

Now I get it. People are upset that the “same” people keep winning HOH. I know people didn’t like the Bomb Squad. I get that guys are running the house. I am girl so I would love to see girls win Big Brother, I know there have only been a few, so I would love to see girls win. I still think it’s early in the season so we can’t really say if a girl will win or not.

tumblr_mhyswibmyM1qlhpqso2_250The girls have had the same opportunity to compete in these competitions and have the power in their hands. Amber and Nicole were HOH and had the opportunity to nominate who they wanted to. But they decided to listen to the other HOH and decided they would be okay with giving up their HOH reign.

Onto this week, I know the girls are upset that four girls are nominated. I get it. But in my opinion Cody and Frankie are doing what they think is best for their game. Obviously they don’t trust these girls with their game life. I’m not saying that you can trust someone whole heartily, but these guys don’t.

Again though let’s look at the twist with Battle of the Block. You are going to give up your HOH reign essentially if put up strong competitors. I’m not saying that’s a 100% guarantee, but you might. But it’s in their best interest to put up these girls. And still you still have POV and you have a chance to backdoor someone.tumblr_inline_mp2og822nQ1qz4rgp

If you took the time to read this and you don’t watch Big Brother, then I would definitely recommend watching it. The episodes are on the Internet and the show is on three times a week. It’s definitely addicting.


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