Happy 16th Birthday, Danny

Picture 47My favorite person in the world is my brother, Danny. He’s my little brother, or should I say younger? He is my best friend. Even though he doesn’t believe siblings are friends. But he is still my favorite.

On July 9, 1998, my baby brother was born. Today he is 16. Time flies is an overstatement. I can’t believe that we are growing up. It’s scary thought.

Danny is the best. He makes me want to a better person. He’s my inspiration. And well my competition. I always say Danny is everything. And he is. It’s definitely hard to compete with. So why is Danny so amazing?

1. He’s a leader. He’s not a follower. People want to be like him. And that’s not a bad thing. He can encourage anyone and people follow in his footsteps. When he came to McClintock, I told him to join Student Council, and he did. He won his first election, and he’s been an officer ever since.

2. He’s an athlete. It’s so easy to brag about being an athlete. But what’s even harder is when people finish talking to Danny, then turn to me and ask if I play sports. Then I have to say no. My joke is that Danny got all the athletic genes.IMG_4657

Danny has always been that sporty guy. I can’t remember time when we wasn’t outside playing. Everyone knows Danny as a
baseball player. I go to all of his games, really I do. From Little League, to Sandlot, to other club teams, and finally him playing for McClintock. He was starter for Varsity as a sophomore. He’s talented.

Danny is a golfer, too. I can’t remember a time when he wasn’t swinging a golf club. I may not be the best sister when it comes to going to his golf matches, but I do try to go. He was captain of the golf team his sophomore year. Danny is too talented.

3. He’s a student. What I mean is that he is a smart guy. I know what you are thinking, how can be all of these things, I’m still not sure. But guess what he is. Danny has a brain. I’m serious he has so much potential. I know it sucks for him that he has to follow in my footsteps, because truth is I spend a lot of time on my homework, but he is still so smart.

4. He’s so outgoing. I mean he can talk to anyone. And he will. I won’t. But he is comfortable talking to anyone. He can strike up a conversation. I think this is the only quality we don’t share, beside him being an athlete. But if I could still any of his qualities it would probably be to be outgoing.

Picture 415. He’s so good with people. Danny and I volunteer at Escalante Community Center. We work with kids. Danny is amazing with kids. He’s always been with kids. He’s a role model to my cousins. Danny is just so caring.

Everyone says that me and Danny are completely different people. I always want to laugh when people say that. Because honestly I don’t think that’s true at all. I think we are a lot alike. Sure he’s big qualities stand out, for example being an athlete, being popular, and being outgoing, but besides that we are so alike. We have the same family. We have the same memories.

Danny, is the person I aspire to be. He is everything. He’s popular,  a leader, a student, he’s outgoing, and he’s such a sweetheart. Danny sticks up for anyone. From family to friends. Danny doesn’t let anyone talk about bad about me. I appreciate that he will stick up for me on social media. I love him for that.

Danny Gorman is my best friend. He is my role model. He is my brother. He’s the one who knows what I’m thinking 24/7. He
knows what drives me insane. He’s the one who texts “help” “come here now” “hurry” just for me to turn IMG_3826off his light. He’s the one who I watch all of Jimmy Fallon’s videos on Youtube. He’s the one who I watch Modern Family every time we watch TV together. He’s the one who yells at me when I’m crying. He’s the one who I rap Kanye songs with.

I’m scared to leave home when it comes to college. My family is my favorite thing. I’m not ready to move out. It scares me that in a year I will be put in that situation. I’m going to miss seeing my brother every single day, because he’s my favorite.

Danny Gorman is 16 today. Watch out everyone, he’s going to change the world.



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