Al McCoy gives a play-by-play of his career and his thoughts on the NBA

The 2014 Cronkite Summer High School Journalism Institute had the opportunity to interview the recently Naismith Memorial basketball Hall of Fame inductee, Al McCoy.

McCoy credited being inducted into the Hall of Fame is the high point of his career.

“To receive this award was a dream,” McCoy said.

From growing up on a farm to Iowa to being “The Voice of the Suns”, McCoy has had an eventful life. McCoy was always interested in music and sports and knew he wanted to become a broadcaster.

“Everyone would say in my high school that Al was going to be a broadcaster,” McCoy explained.

McCoy had an interest in a career in broadcast after listening to a lot of radio broadcast.

“I would tune into any radio program I could find,” McCoy said.

He recalled a story when we he went to his first baseball game. He told how when he arrived the first thing he want to do was see where Bert Wilson was broadcasting.

His most memorable moments of his broadcast career were the two famous triple overtime. The first was at the Boston Gardens, where the Phoenix Suns lost. Then the second time, in Chicago where the Suns won.

McCoy is dedicated to his career and only missed one game, which was due to illness on Dec. 31, 2005.

In response to missing games, McCoy explained as his jobs as an announcer, “It’s just like being a player.”

McCoy also defended the Phoenix Suns coach Jeff Hornacek. He stated that Jeff had experience and was more than ready to be the coach.

“He should have been the NBA Coach of the Year,” McCoy said.

McCoy opened up talking about the recent scandal about the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, Donald Sterling.

“I don’t know what that guy’s problem is,” McCoy explained.

In response to the NBA banning Sterling for life and $2.5 million fine, McCoy said, “I think the league is stronger on the stance they took.”

McCoy opened the eyes to the 26 students who are attending the Summer Journalism Institute and gave them real world experience interviewing someone.

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