Arizona Girls State

“People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built,” Eleanor Roosevelt.

Back in March, I applied to Arizona Girls State. I had no idea what to expect. After to going an orientation in May, I still had no idea what to expect.

On Sun. June 1, I started my journey at Arizona Girls State. I arrived at Likins Hall at the University of Arizona at 11 am and was checked in about noon. I set up my dorm room then I had the opportunity to interact with my fellow girls in my city. I was nervous and excited. My biggest worry was that I wasn’t going to make any friends and I wouldn’t enjoy the program.

In the Arizona Girls State program, 300 girls are separated into 12 cities and then into 4 counties. In my city of Mesquite, we were lucky enough to have 22 talented ladies from all over Arizona. I was so surprised that I hadn’t heard about half of the cities these girls were from. I couldn’t believe that people had never heard of Tempe, AZ.

After our girls were acquainted with each other, we had an assemble from the 67th Session of The American Legion Auxiliary Arizona Girls State. Sunday night was so hesitant. I still didn’t feel comfortable and I thought this week would last for eternity.

Though some positives began to emerge. I was chosen to be the Mesquite City reporter. Then I decided to run for Mesquite City Mayor. Honestly, I had no idea how the election would turn out. Thankful, I ran unopposed in the primary election. Then after lunch, I won the general election. It was the best thing ever to happen. I realized that these girls could only go off first impressions and that meant they believe in me.

This week boosted my self confidence. It allowed me to put myself out there and talk to amazing girls. I was able to put my fears behind me. In the end, I was so happy with the results. I was elected the Mayor. I won Best City Official for Mesquite City. I met so many wonderful girls and I can’t wait to see where they go in the future.


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