Thank you, Student Council

One of the best decisions of my high school career was to join Student Council.

The third week of my freshman year, I was sitting in Academy Biology and the girl sitting next to me asked me to sign her petition. In that moment, I realized that I wanted to be a part of Student Council. I went and got a petition. Luckily, no one ran against me and I won Girls Rep. I can’t imagine my high school experience without Student Council.

I know if people look at me from the outside they would probably not pin me as someone in Student Council. I still think people don’t understand how much I care about Student Council. I think they believe someone in Student Council is someone with a bubbly personality who is fearless and will put themselves out there not care what anyone thinks. In their minds, they see someone who is popular who puts themselves out their in front of the entire student body.

Though I like to see myself as fearless. I’m definitely reserved and quiet on the outside and that’s how people see me. I do put myself out there. I just ran for a Student Body office. I had a speech that was shown to 1,900+ people. I didn’t let that phase me. I did get a nasty tweet about me saying “She was so awkward in her speech.” My only response, “Why don’t you go on the video announcements?” Its not easy as it looks. I put my fears behind me and power through them.

I never believed I was going to win. I think in any election, you can’t be too confident. Anything can happen. Anyone can win. When I was running, I knew I had to everything possible. I had to make posters that were going to stand out. It may have take me more than seven hours to make 5 posters that were going to be displayed for only one day, but I didn’t care. I knew I had to make buttons. You have to go out and campaign to people. You have to put yourself out there. I had to start conversations with people that I really didn’t know. It only made me a stronger person. Finally, I had to have a good speech.

I think my speech was the hardest thing to come up with. I had to weigh my options. Funny or touching? A speech has to appeal to the masses. In my school, people say whoever has the best speech wins. Originally, I had somewhat of a funny speech, but it wasn’t me. I asked people what they thought I should do and they responded that I should be myself. In the end, I wrote a speech that encompassed why I loved Student Council and why I would be amazing at the position I was running for.

On Thursday, it was election day. I tried my best to encourage people to go vote. I wanted to win so bad, but I knew whatever happens happens. I wasn’t going to be confident, I was going to be worried all day. I came home that day deciding whether or not I should go to my brother’s baseball game. I tried not to even think about the election. At 3:10, I saw that my phone was ringing, and I ran into my bedroom. When my math teacher told me that I had won, it was probably the most amazing thing ever. I couldn’t believe it. All I could do was jump up and down. I was so excited.

The thing that makes me so happy is hearing “Congrats” or “You deserved it” or “I voted for you.” It puts you on cloud nine. You realize that people thought you were the best candidate and that they believed in you. It’s even better hearing it from people, who you don’t talk to you or random people. It makes you feel amazing, but so appreciative of everyone.

I know what it’s like to lose. Trust me, that is the worst feeling in the entire world, but you have to be the bigger person. I lost when I was running for Sophomore Class during my freshman year. That was one of the worst days of my life. All I could do was cry. I decided to message my opponent and tell her congratulations for winning. I was still upset that I had lost, but she deserved a congratulations.

The worst thing though-all the rude comments made. The thing not to do is try to act like who should have won and publicly say that. Social media is double edge sword. People need to realize that people can see what you tweet. The girl who ran against me said she was “butt hurt that she lost”. Someone asked “HOW??”, in response to her losing, and she said “don’t ask me.” It makes me sad that she thought she believed that she was going to win, and there was no possible way I could beat her. Another she thing tweeted was “Elections were rigged by PPA kids.” I knew she was referring to my friend and I. However ,there were two more PPA kids who had won. PPA kids didn’t go out and rig the elections, they just voted.

I couldn’t let the tweets get to me. You just have to put a smile on your face. Though, someone in the end, decided to stand up for me. One of my best friends from when I was a little kid tweeted, “Hayley Gorman is actually pretty cool. js.” Tears pretty much formed in my eyes. That tweet got 4 retweets and 12 favorites. It’s nice knowing people like you. What I expected was for my opponent to own up to it and acknowledge that her tweets were disrespectful, but unfortunately she didn’t. She tweeted, “Go cry about it” about a thousand times. Trying to play it off that people shouldn’t react to her tweets like that. My brother tweeted her that there was no reason she had to tweet that. I hope she learned a lesson.

After a stressful three weeks of being consumed by Student Body elections, it feels amazing to win. Knowing that people went out and voted for me. That people believed in me. I can’t wait to prove them right. I know my senior year will be great and I can’t wait.

Thank you, Student Council.


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