Entertainment today

Entertainment is how everyone gets through life. After a stressful day at work, people de-stress by watching their favorite television program or their favorite movie. On Monday’s nights, during the fall, millions of households tune into Monday Night Football. Other households watch religiously their favorite television every single week, waiting to see what will happen next. It’s our escape. Without it would be mindless wandering through the world with no hope or happiness. These television programs and movies give us a rush and have us pinned to the edge of our seats to see what will happen next.

However, do these programs give us a false perspective of the world or do they tell us the truth about life? Our ideas molded to believe that everything will be a happy ending. Surely, there are difficulties/drama that happens, but countless times, everything is resolved and it turns into a happy ending. In defense, people want to see a happy ending. If everything crashed and burned into flames, then people wouldn’t want to live their lives believing that nothing will work out.

Though, do we want a happy ending or do we want something relatable? TV shows do display a relationship roller coaster, but in the end everything seems to work out. People love the cheesy, romantic movements because it makes the public hopeful. That maybe one day they will have that monumental love story. Music is a different a story. We listen to a three minute song, which can deal with anything. People find music relatable, because there is a song out there that will describe the situation they are in right now.


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