How to be Happy

Each day is what we make of it. One day we smiling from head to toe or we have a rain cloud hovering over our head. Some weeks we fall into a somber mood and we never feel good about anything. The most important thing in this world is to be happy. Here are some ideas to bring happiness:

  • Wake up early one day and watch the sunrise. You will be able to experience nature while beginning in calming environment, eliminating stress.
  • Go on a bike ride around your city. Let the wind flow through your hair and experience all the little things about your city that you never knew about.
  • Watch a comedy. Nothing is better than laughing. So tune into an old episode of The Office or Modern Family or a funny new comedic movie.
  • Message an old friend and relive all of your memories with. Stress the importance of catching up, and follow through with it.
  • Go outside and lay out in the sunshine. Daydream about what you want your life to be like if you could do anything without the fear of failure and follow your steps to make it come true.
  • Smile at strangers and say hello. You never know what a “hello” might do for someone.
  • Read books or watch a movie from your childhood. Feel like a kid again.
  • Go to the nearest park and act like a kid. Swing on the swings and try to touch the sky.




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