Standing Up

This week I was on Facebook and I was scrolling down my News Feed, I found a post that I found rude. I know going on Facebook, you will definitely see post that you disagree with, but when someone attacks something, it’s time for someone to stand up. The post I read was “We have a meaningless and ineffective program at our school-Link Crew.” I don’t understand how someone would have a nerve to write something about our school or even a program.

I debated whether or not I should reply to that post. Did I want to stand up? Or would that cause a war? In the end, I replied. I wrote a thoughtful and well-written post. I talked about the benefits of Link Crew, why it was needed, and why we should have it. Link Crew is beneficial for our school, it helps our freshman and it makes our school a better place.

After my comment, I received 18 likes and there were many comments to follow. I never responded back, I left what I needed to say, but read other comments. People were harsh, but I tried to be very respectful in my post. In the end, I became the better person and message the girl on Facebook and said how sorry I was that I started a war. I expected a nice written response, but instead I got message reading that “People only want to be in Link Crew to help their college application and not help freshman.” I realized I was in the right.

What I learned from this experience is that you should stand up for something, if you want to. If you are passionate about something then stand up and show people your opinion.


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