Back to School

This Monday started the second quarter. It’s always hard going to back to school. Especially after you go on an awesome vacation. Over Fall Break, I went to Maui, which was out of this world. So going back to school is always so hard.

There are definitely things I need to change for second quarter. I need participate more in class. I hate participating, because I hate being wrong. Also, it’s hard discussing things you aren’t passion about. I also I don’t like participating in my spanish class, because I don’t like talking in spanish and fear of saying wrong. Also, I need to work on calculus. Math hasn’t been my strongest subject here.

However, I know I’m trying my best. All I can do is my best. I know I study and try really hard. I’m proud I’m doing well. Hopefully, all my hard work will pay off and I will go to a great college. Then I will have a good life.


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